9 good reasons to stay in Pipa

  1. Spectacular beaches
    The beaches in Pipa are truly incredible and often among the best beaches of Brazil in trade journals in travel.
  2. Fantastic weather
    Pipa takes advantage of what is possibly the best climate in Brazil. With average annual temperatures of 28 ° C and over 300 sunny days per year, it is difficult to find a better destination than Pipa for enjoying your vacation if Brazilian deserved.
  3. Ease of access
    Pipa is a tropical paradise that not only captivates those who visit, but is also located in a very accessible area. Tourists can travel by air to the Natal International Airport since almost all cities of Brazil, and each new year means more international flight connections to this city. You travel by road to Pipa from Natal is very easy thanks to the dual-lane highway BR-101 which modernity provides comfortable access to the village from most cities in the Brazilian Northeast.
  4. Delicious food
    Pipa features prominently among the gastronomic paradise of the Brazilian northeast. Since Pipa is the most cosmopolitan resort of the Brazilian Northeast, the kitchen which is proposed offers the whole range of exotic flavors of Brazil and other countries. Once a year in October, Pipa celebrates its annual food festival where visitors can discover and taste that local restaurants offer better.
  5. A wide range of activities & Tour
    In Pipa, one thing is certain: you will not be bored because of a lack of choice of activities. Tremendous boat trips, swimming with dolphins, buggy walks on the beach as well as a fantastic view … The list is too long to mention all the activities and excursions that will be proposed in Pipa!
  6. Nightlife
    Nightlife in Pipa is well known Brazilian and has acquired the reputation of being the liveliest among the coastal villages of the Brazilian northeast. In Pipa you will have access to many choices from the sunrise, from quiet bars where you can relax to the music bars and vibrant nightlife.
  7. An incredible accommodation on a cliff feet in water
  8. A village on a human scale
    Pipa is not only an absolutely superb location, its size is also a human scale, neither too large nor too small. Everything is close and it is possible to walk to most places, provided the village is large enough to offer a friendly atmosphere throughout the year. Pipa truly has a perfect size so you do not waste time unnecessarily driving during your vacation in Brazil and to make the most of the beach.
  9. A safe holiday destination
    Pipa is a very safe place. Its inhabitants are very open and you’ll always considered them as friends. It is possible to walk safely in Pipa, day and night.